Monday, December 5, 2005

Combating extremism without bombs

Saudi TV: New weapon against extremism
Saudi state-run Channel One TV broadcasted the first episode of a new series aimed at dissuading young Saudis from following in the footsteps of many of their contemporaries to join the jihad (holy war) earlier this week. "Jihad Experiences, the Deceit"” is a five part series which will tell the stories of several young Saudis who left to Iraq to fight alongside Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Zayd Asfan, Abdullah Khoja, and Walid Khan narrated their journey from ordinary Saudi youth to mujahideen and discussed the recruitment and brainwashing techniques used by al Qaeda.
Interesting- going to the root of the problem rather than bombing the hell out of a place or arresting and detaining someone who "has the potential" to become a jihadist. No secret detention camps needed if you stop the problem before it starts.

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