Monday, January 28, 2008

A birthday celebration

I don't know how middle America does it, pretends that the world isn't turning and people aren't dying for unjust reasons or no reasons at all. My heart sinks as I see the photo on the home page of the Washington Post today, a photo full of yellow balloons and a confused pain. It was a birthday party for a dead soldier. He should have been 21 today. He should have moronically done shots in some bar and puked his guts out. He should have been celebrating his youth and should have acted like a complete idiot.

But he's dead.

His idiotic behavior could have annoyed me. He could have been loud, drunk, and obnoxious. He could have drunk Crud Light. He could have listened to rap or country so loud your eardrums felt like bursting. He could have been a male chauvinist asshole.

If we could bring him back, I'd suffer through it all without complaint.

If we could bring them all back.

Goddamn it, war sux. Go to hell, warmongers.

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