Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Won't Work for Peanuts

Screw WaPo for publishing this b.s., especially in light of Haiti's need at this time. analysis of the charity's tax returns raises questions about how it has spent money in the past, with administrative expenses that appear to be higher than comparable charities and payments to businesses owned by the musician and a board member, including $100,000 for a performance by Jean at a 2006 benefit concert.
Wyclef has done nothing but good in raising awareness about Haiti's plight (before quake) and helping Haitians to claw their way out of the mire. This article amounts to little more than spreading a rumor that will only hurt the Haitians who have been devastated by plague after plague. It's irresponsible journalism - why not wait until the organization has been thoroughly investigated before publishing an account of corruption? And newspapers wonder why they're failing? Yele should sue WaPo for defamation.

It takes money to run a non-profit. I know people who've never worked for a non-profit think we who work for them should receive pittance for wages and gasp! we have health insurance? But to be effective, you need money to fund your organization.

I'm also sick of the criticism of celebrities who fight for causes. Once upon a time there was a generation of celebrities who put their names on a cause, planted a tree at a school, did a save the whales commercial, but many of today's celebrities are actually experts in what they are supporting. They spend time working in the field, fundraising, and learning about the issues they are supporting. Wyclef, a Haitian, is one of these guys. He was before the quake, and he will continue to be long after people have moved onto their next moment of concern and forget Haiti exists.

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