Monday, June 14, 2010

The Skype's the Limited, Part II

So it's true. The Lebanese government is set to pass a very bad e-transactions law that gives the government unchecked authority over e-commerce. Remember when we wondered if Lebanon would ever HAVE a government after it took ten thousand years to form one? Perhaps it'd be better if they'd never formed it.

Remember back when the old Phoenicians made the land now known as Lebanon the center of trade and commerce for the world? Ok, maybe not. That was a long time ago. (Some of the dinosaurs in the current government may remember...) The thing about Lebanon is that it has always been a center for trade. Commerce is why the country managed to survive its 15 year long suicide attempt. Commerce is why the country continues to function even as the government drowns in its own nepotism and corruption.

But allowing the monopolistic telecomms corporations and its governmental cronies to restrict the freedom of people to talk to each other is not commerce. It's corporate fascism at its finest.

This law runs contrary to every principle of democracy and free market economy to which Lebanon claims to adhere. Passing this law would be a major step backwards in the country's democratic development.

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We will keep you updated on the developments...

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