Friday, August 20, 2010

Bourdain returns to Beirut

The first time I ever saw No Reservations was a rerun of the 2006 Beirut episode. I was as angry about the invasion when I saw it as I was when it was first happening. I'll never forget the day the war began. I went screaming through the office halls and said some pretty nasty things about Israel, all well-deserved. And there I was, safe and sound in Washington, DC. It was a totally helpless feeling.

I didn't know back then how much Lebanon would become a part of my life. Now I know Beirut very well and have many friends in Lebanon. I am just as repulsed by Israel aggression as I was back then, but I know, too, that Lebanon is not innocent.

I'm looking forward to this episode - I even set my alarm so I don't forget. I hope he didn't stick to the overpriced, overrated pretentious restaurants but really got some of the local flavor.

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