Saturday, November 23, 2013

If we had blogs in 1998: Salzburg rats, lots of wine, and the Big Chicken

Nothing on Salzburg, plus the end of the semester ball. We're getting to the end of the journal, folks.

As always, spelling, grammatical, factual, and emotional errors have been preserved from the original journal. Today’s comments are in red.

1 May 1998

Salzburg is beautiful, I loved it, but it was also depressing as hell. I mean, I didn't have anyone to room with, and then I didn't have anyone to tour with. I was running out of money at that point. It was a great day, beautiful, warm, and I walked about 15 miles total. I couldn't afford the sound of music tour, so I saw as many of the things as I possibly could. The day wasn't bad; I got to nap on a bench by the river, but night was depressing. I went to meet Emilee and Jaime for dinner but they didn't show. I had hoped to see Emilee in the morning before she left but didn't. At 7:30 I headed to the train station, only I was on the wrong side of the river and walked way out of the way with all my luggage. when I finally did find the train station, I was sweating. I used the last of my shillings to buy a sandwich, a coke, some chocolate, and a trip to the bathroom. I sat alone at the train station for two hours, writing in my journal about the week see previous post for how much of a waste of time that was and watching the rats crawl around the tracks. Some people do the Sound of Music tour, I watch rats. Me and Becky got a compartment for the overnight train, but we were on the wrong cars and had to move. So we shared a compartment with another girl who spoke English. I actually slept about six hours. German train conductors check your ticket only once. They stopped checking and let us sleep. It was great, for an overnight train. We switched at Koblenz and I slept till Luxembourg. Then I slept when we got home.

The past week has flown by. We're done with classes - today is May Day so there are no classes. Last night was the ball. I have been so depressed all week. Poor Andrea has put up with me to this point. She gave me flowers yesterday afternoon. She's the best. Last night I was so mean to her. When we all got to the ball, I sat there until things started. I didn't want to mingle. I wanted to mope. When wine came I was drunk before dinner. It was my intention. Andrea just did not look like she was having fun. And why would she, everyone else was drunk, except Matt of course. But at Pub 13 I sat in a corner by myself. Actually, I just wanted to pass out. I spilled half a pint of Guinness on me. Somehow I started the night with 300 flux and I still have like 225 now, even after losing 50 flux in a hole at the Big Chicken. A late night fast food joint near the train station. I do not know what hole this was, probably a storm drain or something. If I recall correctly, this was something of a red light district. And I lost my Jumbo Kaart somewhere. My train pass I'm hoping it's at Pub 13. It's causing me anxiety because I'm on the train to the city right now and I don't have it. I can't believe I lost it. I hope I find it. Anyway, the reason that I am on the train is because I'm going to meet Andrea for coffee. I hope she isn't mad at me. I pulled one of my drunken disappearing acts last night. I think Matt was upset too. I bought him a coke from the Big Chicken. I brought fries. So how did I end up with more money than I started with? I'm clueless. Lucy must have given me a lot for those blank tapes I gave to her. That's all I can figure. I know Erika gave me 100 at the ball for no reason. It was nice. Hans, Jaime, and Julia did an awesome rendition of an Indigo Girls song last night. I think I had five glasses of wine & three beers at the ball. I sat with April, Patrica, Jessica & her host mom, Holly & her host mom, and one other person I can't remember. Jessica's host mom was extremely nice, but I could tell she was a Bonnevoie lady. I think that means she was from a wealthy neighborhood in Luxembourg. Dinner was excellent. Matt & Andrea both got scholarships. I felt this time all the scholarship winners except for April deserved it. April got it because of her internship. She was the last person to deserve a scholarship. Oh well. That was harsh. Don't know why I said that except out of jealousy. Sorry! 

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