Friday, January 16, 2015

Bumble Humans

Nintendo was founded in 1889.

Yes, 1889. It started as a producer of Japanese playing cards. Rather than lobbying its government and producing propaganda about the evils of new technology that made its cards a thing of the past, not only did it evolve as a company over time, eventually coming to embrace video games, but it became a leader in the industry.

Here in America, we fight tooth and nail to keep outdated (and dangerous) products when we have the technology to do it better. Industries like coal and oil control our government and have actively worked to brainwash the dull-minded portion of our country that new technology such as solar and wind power are some kind of evil conspiracy and that regulations such as the amount of toxins we pump into the air or the pesticides that are killing our pollinators are some sort of government oppression.

Intelligent beings wouldn't continue to pump toxins into the air, damaging the oxygen levels necessary for life, or use pesticides that kill the bees and butterflies that are necessary to pollinate crops so we have food to eat. Did you know that farmers are now renting bees for the growing season because there aren't enough to pollinate the crops? Say it aloud: farmers are renting bees to pollinate their crops because they killed the other bees with their pesticides. Farmers are renting bees to pollinate their crops because they killed the other bees with their pesticides. Ludicrous.

Adapt or die. (That's real capitalism.)  Because the biggest industries in the world refuse to adapt, real people will die. They are dying. Air pollution kills 7 MILLION people a year, according to the World Health Organization. That's just air pollution. Wait until the rental bees start dying, too.

I watch story after story of Americans whining about how regulations hurt their businesses. Human life has no value to them. Adapt or die. If you aren't intelligent enough to run a business in a smart way that treats human beings as human beings, you have no business running a business.

Speaking of regulations, it floors me that so many Americans look at something like maternity/paternity leave as a "burden on business." What's more mindboggling is how they can't wrap their heads around the fact that there are only two countries IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that don't require all businesses to allow paid maternity/paternity leave. I realize that many Americans think the rest of the world lives in tents and rides camels, but given that that is not true at all, how do you think the rest of the world operates? How is the rest of the world able to conduct business if they have to grant paid leave to new mothers and fathers? Why do they value human life more than we do?

Adapt or die. And stop whining about taxes. You have it pretty damn good here. But it could and should be better.

Are we still in the Dark Ages? The Dark Ages - have they not ended?

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