Friday, August 5, 2016

Scenes from New York in Summer

Since I got my first digital camera in 2007, I have taken thousands of photos. I take 1000 photos for a week long trip - Holland/Flanders, Greece, Spain, Italy, Lebanon make up nearly 5000 photos just in the last four years, plus there were some trips to New York and Boston and a few other places.

I like to go through them from time to time for memories, exactly the thing we did before the digital age, but I also like to share them on the blog and social media. Only a fraction of them are ever seen because some aren't worthy of being seen and sometimes I just don't get around to posting them.

Here are a few of New York City from July 2015 that have never been posted anywhere.

New York City, July 2015

"Feed a drummer. Ban drum machines." I wrote that. The music at this place was awful.

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