Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Atlas traveling at last

We left Midelt facing another four hours of travel through desert and the Middle Atlas Mountains. I often felt like I was traveling through southwestern USA. I had wondered if there were anything like the mesa lands and the Grand Canyon. Now I know there is. I am sorry I couldn't capture it using my phone video camera through a window that wouldn't open on roads that were bumpy and narrow and winding. But these short videos will give you an idea. I recommend the third one (labeled 10), which shows you just how winding they were. I couldn't take photos - the car was just too bumpy.

Also, The Tomatoes have yet to come into play...

We did stop when we arrived to this oasis. I have never seen a palm tree forest, but this is essentially what it is. And it went on and on and on...our driver said 60 miles. He may have been right. As we continued on toward the desert, this oasis did not leave us. I cannot express how thrilled I was to see something I thought only existed in movies. It was beautiful.


the road that got us there

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