Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Giant Crowds

Ireland is an island full of strange geologic formations. You have the Burren in the west, massive cliffs like those of Moher, bogs full of peat, and strange rock formations everywhere. Nowhere is stranger than the Giant's Causeway.

I had walked about 15 kilometers from Portrush to see the causeway, and I was pretty exhausted when I got there. I decided to walk because I was somewhat wary of driving down the narrow coastal highway, and I wanted to see the views, anyway. I set out for the Giant's Causeway about 9am and arrived around 1pm, having stopped at a castle along the way.

The story of the formation of the causeway is about an Irish giant, Finn MacCool, who was challenged to a fight by a Scottish giant, so he built the causeway between Ireland and Scotland so the two could meet. The reality is that the basalt columns were formed by a volcanic eruption.

There has also been an eruption of tourism over the last decades. 

As you can see, there were people everywhere. It made it tough to get photos one would actually want to share.

oddly natural steps

Of course, music fans know the Giant's Causeway from the Led Zeppelin album "Houses of the Holy."

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