Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Letter from a real Iraqi...

...not from some wingnut who thinks the media is lying about how bad it is over there:

Azzaman, January 16, 2006

Dear Mr. Bush,

Please accept my warmest greetings and appreciation for all the ‘good things’ your ‘friendly and liberation’ troops have done to my country.

In the nearly three years since ‘the liberation’, you and your troops have been leading us along the path of ‘democracy and freedom’ and have managed to bring security and stability to our land after decades of oppression.

And because I am so happy with what you have done for us I dreamed of you the other night. Your face beamed, and you kept smiling and you hand an olive branch in your right hand.

You were surrounded by angels in the form of birds and looked as an upright, pious man with a Godly mission.

You said all your actions were driven by heavenly advice including your invasion of our country.

For this reason we thank God for all the suffering, grievances and calamities that have befallen us because of you since that, in you mind, is the wish of God.

Dear Mr. President,

Your deeds in Iraq are bearing fruit and your efforts have not gone in vain. ‘The new Iraq’ is a product of your persistence and perseverance.

And because of you and your deeds, ‘democracy’ is now deeply rooted in Iraq.

Because of you we have gained nothing and lost almost everything – may God bless you for it?

We now enjoy the privileges of your humanitarian experiences and because of that our country has returned to the pre-industrial age which your father had predicted for us.

Our country now has no drinking water, no electricity and no fuel. But what do we need these luxuries for at a time we are relishing the taste of ‘the democracy’ you have given us.

You may want to know that we are in a tunnel without light whose end will be the disintegration of our country into shaky statelets that will be easy to devour by others.

Congratulations Mr. President.

Yours faithfully,

Sammak Burhan

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