Sunday, January 15, 2006

WAH! My property value will be affected!!!

Wound Up Over Windmills
Upstate New Yorkers are up in arms about widespread plans to install wind farms...The whole state of New York is experiencing such a serious power crunch that Gov. George Pataki has taken drastic measures to help combat energy-supply problems and decrease the Empire State's ecological footprint.

Part of his plan includes dotting the rural upstate lake region with windmill farms because they provide clean and practically free energy once they're installed...Some residents fear their property value will take a hit if they have windmills for neighbors, and they have not been shy about letting state officials hear their complaints. A vocal anti-turbine movement is led by the billionaire founder of Paychex.
These are the same folks who are sucking down energy in their excessively big houses with their excessively big SUVs sitting in their heated garages. These people are wickedly selfish, obsessing about their "things" while their whole state is in a serious energy bind. Will people ever stop thinking solely about themselves and the immediate present and start looking at the problems we will all be having in the near future?

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