Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Monstrosity

The sun has finally come out in Sofia, and though it is quite cold, I find the day very pleasant. Oh, and for the first time since I arrived I am seeing something massive - the Balkans!

It seems strange that I have not seen the mountains in a city that is surrounded by them, but I arrived at night and the weather has been crappy for the last couple of days, so you couldn't see them through the clouds. I spent the morning rephotographing things because they just look better in the sunshine! Golden church domes, for example.

One thing I wish I never had seen here is the pizza with pickles. I am having lunch now at a place where I can see the mountains. It happens to be a pizza place. I ordered a margharita pizza because I wanted to make sure there were no pickles on it, so of course I had to order the plain cheese!

The grossest one I've seen so far is the pickles/corn/ham pizza. I can recognize the word for ham because it is near the German (and the English word "swine"). I know the word tomato since it is the same. I know the word for cheese. But pickle is not a word I expected to have to know.

After I ordered, I remembered I bought a Bulgarian/English dictionary. So I looked up the word for something I need to know - because I will NEVER eat it on a pizza! саламура

Oh, and the pizza I do have tastes like frozen grocery store pizza. But at least I get to see the mountains.

Here are a few more photos, which I hope are much more tasteful:


  1. pickles = туршия (turshia)

    is the word you are looking for...

    саламура = salt solution, in which the vegetables are being put into, in order to became pickles

  2. Just like an American cheeseburger, always has to have pickles. Frozen pizza???? Give me Cassano's anyday! Enjoy.