Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Freedom fighters vs terrorists

Freedom fighter or terrorist? This has been a left vs. right question in the United States for some time. A lot of it is unthinking rhetoric spewed from both sides, more of that Limbaugh Chomsky garbage that passes for discourse in today's American political climate.

We have all heard the "terrorism is a tactic" explanation. Well, it is, that much is true. And the Uighar separatists who suffer under Chinese Communism are terrorists by this definition - they use it as a weapon in their fight for independence. So did the American colonists. Ever heard of Swamp Fox? Mel Gibson played the role in the movie The Patriot, and sadly, that's probably the only way to ring the bell of the masses.

The right doesn't know itself. It runs around screaming about evil communists, but accepts China with no problem. A group trying to break free from the chains of communism in China is labeled as evil terrorists because they are Muslim. Never mind the oppression from which they suffer at the hands of their evil communist government.

The Chinese government is using a separatist bombing as an excuse to round up these pesky little freedom fighters who want to break free from their chains, and the gov is doing it while it has the international spotlight. The government has also denied Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek a visa to attend the Olympic games because of his human rights work in Dafur. China supports the oppression in Sudan.

But la de da America doesn't care. They say get politics out of sports. Translation: get politics out of sports so we can continue to ignore it, because it doesn't affect our strip mall lifestyle. The Chinese give us cheap junk and that's all we care about. Human rights are for those dirty libruls!

Led by NBC, America could step up and condemn Chinese human rights abuses while the world watches. But NBC is a company owned by the GE Corporation, and would the GE Corporation risk it's profits in the name of what's right?


The world will continue to turn in the same wobbly manner as it has been and the Chinese government will continue violate human rights while the corporate world turns a blind eye, because there is money to be made from these Olympic games!

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