Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A thought on American health

Health care in this country is nearing a crisis state. More than forty million people in this country have no health insurance, and many Americans are foregoing health care because they cannot afford it. Why is this happening in this country, supposedly the richest country in the world?

It isn't just the greed of the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies. Yes, these two industries are disgusting and predatory, but the fact is, America has brought it upon itself. We are an unhealthy nation because of our lifestyles.

We are a nation addicted to pills, and doctors are addicted to the profits brought upon by these pills. Just because you are told to "ask your doctor" in a television ad doesn't mean you should do it. Newsflash: pills don't make the problems go away. We're now facing a health care crisis because profits rather than the well-being of human beings now dictate the path of health care.

How did we get here? Laziness? Why are people so sick, why do they feel the need to ask their doctors? Why do people not know how to take care of themselves? People never exercise, claim they don't have time, but they can't even bother getting out of their cars to go and get their pills. There are drive-thru pharmacies for that. (We're so lazy we can't be bothered to write "through" in drive through.)

However, there are some people in this country who are health conscious. They go to gyms, they run, they take sports supplements. They eat organic foods. They don't drive around for twenty minutes trying to get a closer parking spot. Maybe if more of us lived this kind of lifestyle, the health care industry wouldn't be so massive and would be less successful in earning profits at the expensive of human well-being.

It's up to us to change things. We can't keep relying on our government to fix our problems. We can look to government for help, but without some effort on our part, it just isn't enough.

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