Friday, November 21, 2008

Al could pull it off

With the Minnesota Senate recount underway, it is looking more and more like Franken could win this thing. As of today, he is down 136 votes (after being down by 270+ before the recount began.) The Democratic counties are Hennipin (Minneapolis), Ramsey, and St. Louis. So far Hennipin Co has only recounted 42% (Al has already gained 14 votes there), Ramsey 30% (Al's gained 39 votes there) and St. Louis 37% (Al's gained 18 votes there).

Without doing the exact math, if the proportions remain the same, that could give Al 150 or so votes in those counties alone and give us our 59th Senate seat with the Georgia race still remaining.

With ballots like the one pictured here, recounting could be a fun job. Remember the show "V"? The lizard people were supposed to win in 2008. Someone had a sense of humor.

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