Monday, December 8, 2008

Go Jim!

It happens every two years for me (sometimes every year, depending if there is a good governor's or state legislative race). I devote most of my energy to a campaign, and then Election Day hits and it's over. And I crash. And I stop paying attention for about a month.

I realized today that I haven't been paying much attention. I stopped reading the political blogs, stopped reading every word in every newspaper. Yet Election Day has been a month this year. Tomorrow, Jim Martin and Saxby Chambliss are in a runoff in Georgia for the final Senate seat. Chambliss is a piece of garbage, and I don't use that word often to describe a politician. Except Bush. And Delay. And Frist. And Sensenbrenner. And Taft. And Blackwell. And LIEberman. And...ok, so I do, but there is a particular breed of politician that is utterly despicable, and Chambliss is one of them. Who can forget the way he treated triple amputee Max Cleland in defeating him for his Senate reelection bid?

I know in my mind that Chambliss will win - he has everything going for him - he's an incumbent, and he will benefit from low voter turnout (after all, people already voted for this position once on Election Day.) But I have my fingers crossed that something in the stars will favor Martin and he comes out ahead by some political miracle.

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