Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup is a weekly blog post in which Safadi Foundation USA publishes a roundup of civil society's activities for the week. The goal is to spread the word about these activities and help civil society organizations learn from each other's experiences.

Youth Association for Social Awareness urges government to curb bribery in driving examinations. Check out Developing Lebanon's profile of YASA here.

"Tomorrow when we return" Palestinian children art exhibit at Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation.

Environmental issues rarely covered by Arab press.

Lebanon has 100,000 child victims of labor and trafficking, highest proportion of children ages 10-17 in the world.

The Citizen - the newsletter of the citizen Lebanon community.

Les ONG : quels acteurs sont-ils, quel est leur rĂ´le?

Discussion Seminar: Gender and Care Work in Lebanon.

UNDP Lebanon National Human Development Report: Towards A Citizen's State.

Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) says there were many violations during Lebanon election.

Major reforms needed to reduce Lebanon's unemployment.

IndyAct has a new blog.

NY Times covers Beirut Art Center.

Does media ignore NGOs or is it the other way around?

UN office in Beirut begins training seminar on human rights.

RT: @SawtAshabab: OpenSesame Events! Drupal, Linux... Another good meeting for the OpenSesame.

International Labor Organization's 2009 Report on gender equality.

The Future of Democracy Support: NDI speech.

Statement of NDI election observer delegation to Lebanon election and listen to NPR's story on the election.

Lebanon: Women want greater political representation.

Equality Without Reservation

Call for Papers from Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World at LAU.

The Afkar Program: Perseverance & Results to be held Friday, July 10.

International Bureau of Children's Rights June newsletter.

Human Rights and the Role of NGOs Today conference w Boutros Boutros Ghali.

Development study shows 10% higher literacy rate in Beirut than Bekaa.

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NGOs ask why media ignores their work. SafadiUSA does not ignore their work and wants to help publicize it!

Do you love your grandparents? Then you should love Kibarouna!

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