Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spotlight Organization: Baldati

www.baldati.com : Join UR village … Find UR roots

Baldati is a civil society organization that aims for community development through unlocking technological initiatives to develop simple and practical methods by which to revive Lebanese villages, reunite communities and support institutions.

Our organization acts as a regional media tool, relying on our main network www.baldati.com which has 4190 members and 20,000 visitors from around the world.

www.baldati.com is a new simple and practical way to revive the Lebanese communities.

Our website www.baldati.com is a web portal that unlocks:

- 1468 Lebanese villages
- 5 historical governorates and 25 (casa) districts
- More than 192 Diaspora countries
- Different sub-communities: projects, clubs, professions, education, etc.
- Lebanese Addresses
- Lebanese Events
- Photos, videos, and more

You are all invited to visit the new portal of www.baldati.com, to join your village or country and post all your news, photos and articles.

Our aim is to build a reliable network on www.baldati.com that covers all the Lebanese in Lebanon and abroad

How to join my village?

Go to the top of www.baldati.com
Click on “Lebanon”
Click on the district e-community you wish (mount Lebanon, Beirut, Beqaa..)
Click on the caza of your village : Chouf, Jbeil, Saida, etc.
Click on the desired village
Join that village by clicking on the item “join that community” on the top
Once joined, you can check your MY e-communities listed in My Account box .
You can join as many villages as you want: place of birth, residence, work ...
You can find diaspora group on the same level of Mouhafazat
You can add your country of birth, emigration, etc.

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