Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday night in Cybeirut

Big tech event tonight in Cybeirut, Lebanon - Geekfest Beirut, starting at 8:30pm at Art Lounge.

Join the techies of Lebanon in what has been billed as "a social networking event UNORGANIZED for geeks, aspiring geeks and people who think that they might have a little geek in them!"

The mission? "To bring geeks together to exchange ideas, skills, stories and generally have some geeky fun."

In addition to the website, Geekfest Beirut is on Facebook and Twitter.

Lots of things going on, from presentations on all things tech to photography exhibits and some good old fashioned socializing and networking.

The agenda:

The Quality of Disintermediation
A millennium of disintermediation, how technology is challenging the world to change
Alexander McNabb
Creative Commons
Naeema Zarif, Maya Zankoul
CEDRO Sustainability projects in Lebanon
Elie Abou Jaoudeh, CEDRO, UNDP
Our Relationship with Information
How information has evolved and its effect on personal self-expression and business communication.
Ayman Itani,, LAU
The Potential of Mobile Applications
Elie Haddad, Ayna Corporation
What the F’UX?
User experience presentation. Using an everyday object to reflect the online UX and a simple guide to build a good ux.
George El Khabbaz, Cleartag

For more information, visit the Geekfest Beirut website.

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