Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garden update

Sitting outside right now with the plants, perfect temperature, such a great relief from the awful heat, though it looks like a storm is coming. The tomato plants are looking better now - I now have hope they'll survive, though we'll see if they produce any more blossoms. I do see a few. One of the black krim plants seems to be a superplant. It's more like a bush - it's up to my chin and just as wide as it is tall! Upset, though, because yesterday there was one huge tomato that was almost ripe and today it's gone. I said "one more day." Looks like an animal may have eaten it, as there are some seeds in the back. Picked another one, though about half the size as the disappeared one. Also picked a primo and there are several more that are starting to redden. The BRE seems to have subsided on the roma, too, and they're growing once again. I'm also feeling better, as I've been sick, too.

I haven't weeded in awhile but the plants seem to be keeping control themselves.

And the flowers! It's a rainbow. Except for the impatients, who impatiently couldn't deal with the heatwave - I think they decided to die, although once I thought they were dead and they came back to life. I don't get it - they're "New Guinea impatients," named for a tropical place, but they die in the heat? I put them in shade, but I guess it wasn't shady enough.

The funny thing is that the entire yard looks better since the garden has been planted. There is grass. Before, it was just dirt patches and dandelions. It's as if our tending to the plants was good for everything around. People don't understand that plants are responsive to their surroundings. They like it when you talk to them. I think they loved it when we left the radio in the garden with classical music for them.

The yellow marigolds are impressive. I started with 12 stems with a single flower on each - the first flowers I bought. Now each of them as at least that many. One has 16 flowers on it now. I alternated them with different colored flowers - orange marigolds of a different variety, red salvia, and a pink vinia. Those are the border. I have various other flowers around, too, none whose names I remember at the moment.

Anyway, have hope. All is not lost. Such an enjoyable evening. I think my buddies will be ok.

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