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If we had blogs in 1998: Orange you glad we've grown up since then?

In the latest post from my European journal from 1998, the new students are at that point I was after a few weeks during the previous semester - culture shocked, homesick, worn out. As always, spelling, grammatical, and factual errors have been preserved.

31 Jan 1998

Three weeks have gone by so far. I can't believe it. But things are so wonderful, and I still have 15 weeks over here. I ended up writing "The Pact" as soon as I got home from Amsterdam last Sunday. Everyone loved it. I wrote short, quasi-satirical stories based on students and our travel adventures. They usually started with it was a cold, rainy, dreary, depressing day in Fluxembourg... I guess I never got around to finishing the previous journal entry. Oh well, that was basically the end anyway.

This week went by very dull. Went by very dull? Ugh. I was sick on Monday. Wednesday night I went with April and Dana to Scott's the bar but we left before April's friend Jeff got there. I feel bad about it because I wanted to leave at 10:30 to go meet Andrea and everyone at Pub 13 and I think April left because of that. Jeff ended up arriving 15 min after we left, and my friends didn't get back from the concert in time to go to Pub 13. It felt like a wasted night only because I wanted to go out so bad. Everyone is so uptight around MUDEC this semester; they never go out (except for the extreme losers like Roach). We finally went out Friday night, but not everyone was there, namely Andrea & Steph. They went to Andrea's family's place in Germany.

The lovely instructors. I wish I remembered their names.
Friday morning the ITS class went to Trier, and they left from there. ITS was some sort of travel class. Trier is a German city right across the border with Luxembourg. Trier was rather interesting; it was fun going on a field trip. I basically went because they were going. I like them a lot; they're cool. As far as Friday night went, we saw a horrible movie, U-Turn, then went to Pub 13 where I talked to Dana the whole time. Brad was drunk, and the others were being boring, until Erika got tipsy, but by then it was time to go home. I don't know what the problem has been with them lately. We never go out anymore; things are so different from last semester. I don't like it. But I'm glad I've met Andrea & Steph. Matt told me on the train that he was just friends with Andrea. He asked me if I thought Erika didn't like them becoming friends. She is so jealous of Andrea, it's obvious. Unrelated to that fact is that I just don't like Hans. He gets on my nerves; he's such a baby. And he argues about everything. I was glad I left Erika's today right as he showed up. This changed.

I went to the market this morning with Erika, Julia, and Holly (I think that's her name.) And I got pesto, which I had with spaghetti today. It was wonderful. And I got some good olives. Then we went to Erika & Julia's and ate craft Mac N Cheese. I had quite an unproductive day but basically decided to go to Ireland for Carnival & Berlin for Spring Break. Morocco just isn't in my plans. I just hope I can find someone to go. I really want to go to London for a few days during Carnival also. Which I hope I can go with Andrea & whoever. But I have to give hints that I need someone to go with. Andrea said she'd walk to the hospital with me this week to get my weekly allergy shot. That would be wonderful.

Unrelated - I'm writing a story for EDP, but I don't know what about. I ended up writing a short story for my core glass research paper. Writing has been on my mind lately. I think I would like to be a writer. It all goes back to second grade & the Young Writer's Conference. I think I went twice, actually. I wish I would have been pushed farther in that direction. We'll see what happens. Still waiting for that to happen...

2 fevrier 1998

Bought this orange pen today to write my story for EDP with. It's cool; I'd like to use it more often, but these pens are too expensive to waste. I'm living in Europe, and the only thing I can think to write about is a stupid pen? Broke my OJ in the store I bought this pen in. Was embarrassed.  Nothing too exciting happened, except I talked to Fraser and she's going to let me write my story. I don't know how to begin. Andrea was really down today; I wish I could help. She's too good of a person to feel shitty. She asked me to go to Paris this weekend. I said yes even though I shouldn't go (money, railpass, etc.) but I love traveling with them (her, Matt, & Steph). I wonder what we'll do. I'm excited; I hope no one else is coming. Bad to say, but true. (Erika would be ok, but no one else.) I don't want to go to Maroc for Carnival; I want to go to Ireland.

5 fevrier 1998

Happy Birthday, Mom! I'm lying here in bed watching the sun come up through the cracks in my blind. I've been awake since before six, and now it's past 7:30. Too bad I went to bed at about 1:30 last night. I was at Scott's with Erika, Holly, Brad, Emilee, Michelle, Steve, Ryan, and Kristen. We had a good time. Really, the people here this semester are so much better than last. Of course, I wish we could take some of last semester's students and have them replace people like Roach and Yogurt Girl. Ha! Yogurt Girl! Great name! I don't remember who she was or why I called her that. I mean John, Courtney, Kelly, JJ, Emily, and probably some others. But this new group is great. You just have to minus all the dumb sorority girls and North Face boys. Chris is really a cutey. He plays piano and guitar and looks really hot when he's wearing his glasses. And I think he might be nice. But I'll probably never talk to him.

Speaking of talking, I've done too much of that lately. Last night I talked to Erika about the Matt-Andrea situation. Erika is messed up; she needs help. She's incredibly jealous of Andrea. Then I talked to Holly all the way back on the train. About nothing, I'm sure. But the night before was worse. I went to Fat Tuesday MUDEC night at Gerlache with Matt and Andrea and a bunch of drunken MUDECers. Well, Matt revealed to me his feelings for Andrea. And he kept asking what he should do. He is the last thing she needs right now. She needs time to figure out things with Ben. Matt is a distraction. I feel so bad because, either way, one of them is going to get hurt. I'm going to Paris with them & Steph this weekend, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Poor Andrea. Her life is already complicated enough without Matt messing it up more. I hope today turns out to be a good day.

Good lord, such drama. Such juvenile drama.

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