Thursday, May 19, 2016

We went to Amsterdam. Sort of.

We were supposed to visit the American Cemetery in Luxembourg to see Patton's grave, but morning came and it turned out to be more difficult to get there than I had anticipated, with nearly a mile walk from the bus stop, and we were both tired at this point, so we bagged it and hopped a train to Amsterdam. The train ride was six hours with the layover in Brussels, but it was Day 6 of our trip so it was a good time to rest and see the countryside.

Our hotel was in Edam, which is about a forty minute bus ride from Amsterdam Centraal. We would, as it turned out, spend a lot of time in Centraal getting from here to there. We loved Edam so much that we spent more time there than we had anticipated and no time in Amsterdam, except in the train/bus station.

Then we arrived in Edam. Stay tuned...

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