Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sharif was wrong...

Then there was the day three walking.

We planned to spend the day in Tangier and then go to our first multi-night destination, Tetouan. The day began with breakfast, delivered to our room, probably because the rooftop where they normally serve it was undergoing renovation. It was perfect. We ate too much, then we slept a bit more before heading up to the kasbah, the old fortress area. It wasn’t much, really, just some old walls and some crumbling towers and several gates. The views of the ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar, and Spain were worth the hike up the hill and even worth the harassment by children who all wanted to be tour guides. Sound cute? No, it was obnoxious as hell. But the kids were nothing compared to the twenty-something vultures that would not let you just look at the sights without trying to tell you everything you already read in your guidebook as if they were providing you a service. They were relentless, following you as you tried to get away with them, never taking a hint, and even being mean to them wasn’t enough to get them to leave you alone. The city should do something about them. We met another American who was as equally annoyed by these people and we stopped and chatted with her about it. I didn’t even get to look at things as much as I wanted. We just rushed on through because of them. Where you from? Where you from? None of your damn business.

view from our hotel room

House of Kasbah

view of the Atlantic Ocean

view of the Straight of Gibraltar leading to the Mediterranean Sea

cats everywhere. This one is well. Another one close by was sick and I worried it had rabies.

To be continued...

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