Friday, September 7, 2007

Start building the debtors prisons

I'm not sure why people are surprised at the job loss in August. Anyone who lives in reality rather than with their face glued to a calculator can see what the economy is like in this country - one only needs to open his eyes and his ears rather than just his loud mouth. The GOPs have done a wonderful job in convincing their groupthink yesmen followers that everything is peachy keen, while actual people who live and breathe have been slowly descending into economic problems.

While people get further and further into debt, I foresee some real problems approaching us. Credit and lending companies who lent irresponsibly for the sake of a quick profit with no thought for the future are going to be lobbying the government to punish those who default on loans and are going to aggressively pursue actions against individuals who are unable to pay. We already saw some of this aggressive behavior with the revision of the bankruptcy law, the results of which have proven those who get into such debt are not running around charging things with no intention of paying them back.

Our society is told by these corporations to buy, buy, buy because it is good for the economy (translation: good for the corporation corporate executives), and look at what it is leading to. People are buying more than they can chew at the hands of marketing. Sure, you can blabber on all you want about personal responsibility, but a whole nation practices these spending habits, and it only takes one instance of bad luck to turn your life into a fiscal nightmare.

Republican economics is a world where real people do not exist. It is a world based on theories rather than facts, a world where a corporation has more rights than an individual, a world where "frivolous" lawsuits are filed against corporations by individuals who have been wronged but where corporations like Starbucks can sue individuals named Sam Buck who name their small cafes in Oregon towns "Sam Buck's" and win with "justice being served." I find it interesting that the Chinese word for population can be literally translated into something to do with mouths (I can't quite remember the whole thing, but you get the point.) This is also the Republican translation of the word, because all they see are mouths to feed, not the souls behind them.

So expect credit companies to come after people in the next few years in ways conceived only in nightmares. We can only hope that a Democrat who can see the people from the bones will be in charge and that this Democrat Congress can strengthen its majority, because with the economy tanking, we're going to need some people with souls to help us get through it.

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