Monday, November 9, 2009

La la links

Oscar the Grouch trashes Fox News.

Funny, but is it really necessary on a children’s show?

This might only be of interest to language geeks – particularly those who’ve studied Arabic. It certainly makes sense and goes along with what I’ve been saying – that “Arabic” is not a language. It’s a series of languages and the only reason that “Lebanese,” “Egyptian,” “Jordanian,” etc. do not exist as a language is because of the Arab nationalism idea leftover from the Nasser age.

Last week’s massacre at Fort Hood was not the first time it happened there. In 1991, George Hennard killed 23 people before killing himself. Wait – George Hennard? That doesn’t sound like a Muslim name!

A cause liberals and conservatives can get (and are getting) together on. Break down the banks!

Republicans hate women
? Who knew?

Shouldn’t this be headlines? 124 people are dead, and it’s buried in the Twitterverse?

I found it odd that an English newspaper would write so much about US health care reform, as it’s one issue that has no direct bearing on the rest of the world. Indirectly, maybe. Because liberals are going to do their best to fight against those Democrats who voted against the bill. I’ll be one of them. It will be stupakendous to see them go down to defeat in the primaries.

That being said, the Stupak amendment doesn’t matter as much as it’s outspoken critics think it does. We need this reform to pass, and it won’t happen without compromise.

I mean, why would so-called progressives prefer no health care reform to a compromise bill with no federal funding for abortion language? Pass the bill, work to change the bad parts later.

Or does it matter?

Flailin' Palin sees US coin design conspiracy. Where does she get this stuff?

Speaking of nutjobs.

Why does rightwing hatred still stun me?

Westboro Baptists used to be so extreme. Now they seem no different than teabaggers.

Support the Troops!™

The Liberal Media™

Really tired of the Che/Lenin/Satan rhetoric from the right while St. Ronnie and St. W get a free pass.

Too big to fail, too big to exist. Awesome. And from a socialist, nonetheless.

Larkin belongs in the Hall.

Paul Krugman is the most sane man in America.

If the woman had told the man that his fascist religion was wrong, he would have been pissed off and Faux News would not touch the story about her being fired.

Another reason liberals are better.

Jesus wept.

Jesus smiled.

Can we help them out?


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