Monday, November 2, 2009

Lots o'links

Did the stimulus work? A nut from Cato says no. Surprise, surprise.

The Exile of Satan from Heavy Metal Design. I'm not a metal fan, but I found this interesting from a sociological perspective.

Article on child brides
. Too bad we can't can some of the pedophilia paranoia in the US and give it to the countries where pedophilia is acceptable.

McCain adviser who attacked Dems' HCR is losing his insurance and may have a pre-existing condition. Karma's a bitch.

Superman defeated the KKK. Cool story. Can we get him to infiltrate Faux News?

Support the Goldstone Report! Yes, Israel DOES commit warcrimes, quite frequently, too.

Slate's article on PTSD nutjob, Ayn Rand.

A foreigner tells us what the election of Obama meant to him.

Fox and MSNBC are NOT the same thing.

I thought it was a real headline, that's how ridiculous the GOPs are these days.

I still find the idea of space tourism odd. I can't wrap my head around the fact that it is happening, that it's not just a movie.

Can we get some perspective? Srsly?

Sorry, but your daughter is LAZY. If she is in school, there were people with clipboards EVERYWHERE registering people to vote. Get a clue.

THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. BTW, the Army of God is a terrorist organization. The people who run this website should be arrested and convicted of terrorism. Can you be convicted of "terrorism?" It seems like it. These people are certainly terrorists. Can we say Oklahoma City Bombing, Olympic Bombing, Abortion Clinic Bombings, the murder of Dr. Tiller...where in the Bible does it say thou shalt commit murder in my name?

Not everything is black and white.

Obama's foreign trips in photos.

15 stupidest products. Oh so fun.

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