Friday, November 6, 2009

Support the troops!™

Venture capitalists investing in green again.

Reverend Billy makes the news (and got a decent showing on election day).

Who cares what happens to a person after they’re born? Women shouldn’t be drinking the devil’s drink anyway, right?

There’s a special place in hell for teabaggers. And for the GOPs who have allowed them to take over their party.

Perspective on the shooting at Fort Hood. If more people would actually serve in the military, they'd understand how bad (and sometimes violent) harassment can be and how very little is done to stop it. They'd also know that psychological illness is still mostly treated as a "weakness" and there isn't much done to help those who need treatment, even if there are problems that are recognized. Often, psych patients are called liars by those who are supposed to treat them, because psych is viewed as a "way to get out" of the military.

The guy snapped. The fact that the wingnut media is making this out to be a Muslim thing is disgusting. Then again, the right rarely gets off their butts to serve their country, so how would they know what it's like?

Srsly, what is wrong with this country? Why do people think it’s ok to lie and involve emergency crews for attention?

I saw elephant in the title and thought it was a story from India, not Oklahoma.

A pro-net neutrality column in the Wall Street Journal. There have been a great number of pro-business, pro-net neutrality statements of late. Not, of course, from the US Chamber of Evil, because, you know, those who stand to benefit from controlling the internet – the telecoms – feed Tom Donohue’s bank account.

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