Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Album of the Year!

Congrats to U2! Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group. Don't forget Veritgo won three Grammys last year, making a total of 8 for this incredible album. Steve Lillywhite also won Producer of the Year.

Also, kudos to Bruce Springsteen for saying "Bring 'em home" after his performance. Barack Obama won a Grammy, too, for Best Spoken Word Album for his "Dreams From My Father."

In other politics meets Grammy news, Burt Bacharach said: "I've never seen times like we've got right now. I'm really upset. This is the future I'm leaving behind for these kids, and I'm concerned. I think we've really made a mess of it. If the president had just gotten up and said, 'I made a mistake. I take full blame for it. There are no weapons of mass destruction; our information was wrong. Bear with me and we'll get through this together.' But to be stonewalled -- " Bacharach shook his head. "I never like to be lied to by a girlfriend or an agent. And certainly not the president of the United States."

Other than those things, politics pretty much stayed out of it- no Abramoff jokes last night.

Update: Eugene Robinson at WaPo talks about Kanyne and about American Idol here. Rox Politix adds to the American Idol discussion here.

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