Friday, February 10, 2006


I love the Olympics. I love having the world come together for peaceful games and watching the world's best athletes with their hearts on their sleeves, eyes wide, many getting to travel outside of their countries for the first time in their lives. There is a youthful energy, a current of excitement that runs through the games, the crowds, the cheers, and the competitors. Their eyes sparkle as they come out for the opening ceremony, their faces full of joy, joie de vivre, zeitgeist... To me, the Olympics represent the best of humanity, a time when countries who would normally be at each others throats can get along (with a few notable exceptions.) The Olympics are full of a little thing called Hope, a celebration of how the world could be, mere games between people who are more similar than different.

The US team, who came out to Aretha's Freedom, received a rather loud ovation, second only to the host country Italia. It is good to know that not everyone hates us and that there are still people who believe that America represents the very things that are good in life - excellence, diversity, and fun.

Oh, Italy, such a wonderful country, full of life and beauty, aware everyday of its own historical magnificence. As everything Italian, the opening ceremony is very well done, very beautiful, unlike some of the recent avant garde Bjork ceremonies which were quite bizarre. Italian culture is so beautiful. What better way to end the ceremony than with Pavarotti bringing the house down? God, what a beautiful voice! What a beautiful language! What a beautiful life!

Buona fortuna agli atleti.

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