Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Roundup

Thanks to everyone who found our blog this week - next week we have some good stuff planned, so make sure to check back frequently!

Developing Lebanon aims to create a comprehensive list of all civil society organizations in Lebanon - if you work for or know of an organization that has a website not on our list, please email us or leave a comment with the link.

We are also developing a comprehensive list of blogs in and about Lebanon. If you have or know of an active blog that we do not have on our blogroll, please email us or leave a comment with the link.

On to this week's roundup:

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The first Lebanese Tweetup!

Reform, reform, reform! Experts discuss reform areas in Daily Star.

The Role of Faith Based Orgs in Influencing & Shaping Social Policies in Lebanon. Event held by CRDTA.

Association for Forests, Development, and Conservation undertaking project in Andkit-Akkar.

Share your environmental info on AFDC's recently launched website for learning about the environment.

RT: @patrickgaley Protesters from Union of Democratic Youth staged sit-down protest in front of Lebanese Parliament as Speaker announced.

Open intro meeting for RootSpace's OpenSesame Consultancy (June 29, 7:30pm).

Lebanese Autism Society honors those who helped LAS over the years.

Red Cross survey highlights impact of world's armed conflicts on civilians.

Corruption at the driving school? This student just says no to bribery!

Baroud Supports Lebanese Mother's Nationality Case.

Football for peace. Lots of Lebanese organizations are doing this, too. Developing Lebanon will do a piece on this in the future.

Arab World Social Innovators on BBC World Service Radio.

Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform invites you to join the call for electoral reform in Lebanon.

مشروع تعليم مبادىء القيادة السليمة لطلاب مدرسة المعهد الانطوني بعبدا link

Survey of civil society and government officials concludes Lebanon unprepared for disasters.

Can one store spark renewal of a neighborhood?

Lebanese NGO Al-Kafaat to double capacity of Village to encourage disabled and disadvantaged to reintegrate into society.

Friday Roundup is a weekly blog post in which Safadi Foundation USA publishes a roundup of civil society's activities for the week. The goal is to spread the word about these activities and help civil society organizations learn from each other's experiences.

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