Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitter Mania in Lebanon!

From Women in Technology, a look at NGOs with Twitter accounts:

NGOs and non-profit initiatives from Lebanon or with programs in Lebanon.

@witlebanon: Women in Technology

@witmena: Women in Technology - Middle East and North Africa.

@smexbeirut: Social Media Exchange

@indyact: The League of Independent Activists

@lebfunraising : non-profit initiative project by Lebanese bloggers.

@leblaique : marching for a secular state in Lebanon.

@unicef_lebanon: only couple of updates.

@livelebanon: network connecting lebanese living abroad with local communities.

@lebelections: Lade Lebanon - not very active, not sure if it is official twitter account.

@wblebanon: World Vision

@alzlebanon : Alzheimer - Lebanon. No Updates!

@beirutmarathon: Beirut Marathon Association.

@safelebanon: Business continuity and safe lebanon disaster recovery mitigation and prevention

@safadiusa : based in Washington, but "dedicated to Lebanon's human development"

If you know of any other Lebanese NGOs or non-profit initiatives, feel free to post them in the comments.

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