Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Roundup

First of all, I'd like to say congratulations for a successful election.

Onto the roundup:

Naam Lil Hiwar will relaunch in Shouf on Saturday, June 13 with the documentary "Lebnan elle bihlam fi: Discussing Our Vision of Lebanon." Info about the event can be found on Facebook here.

Lebanese blogger Elias Muhanna talks with Now Lebanon about his blog Qifa Nabki and the elections in Lebanon.

Saradar Foundation and Baldati team up to bring free computer and internet training to villages in Lebanon.

AmCham Lebanon releases May newsletter.

Sawt Ashabab appears in article in L'Orient Le Jour, "En plein chaos electoral, la voix des jeunes en toute objectivite."

Osama Safa, director of Lebanese Center for Policy Studies says Lebanon case shows US moving to something new.

First press statement from Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE).

A Looming Crisis in Lebanon? Forbes article.

RT: @meedan: Check out this audio recording of Anas Tawileh at London University talking on new media in Arab world.

No evidence Obama had any impact on Lebanon elections, says Foreign Policy blog.

Independents push for changes in system: A Christian ran for seat designated for a Muslim.

Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections and Lebanese Transparency Association say university students made up bulk of election observers. Hope for the future!

Lebanese NGO Collective for Research and Training on Development Association (CRTDA) leads activists to keep pressing for reform of nationality law.
Investing in Lebanese Youth.

Lebanon's Elections: Avoiding a New Cycle of Confrontation - International Crisis Group's report.

Friday Roundup is a weekly blog post in which Safadi Foundation USA publishes a roundup of civil society's activities for the week. The goal is to spread the word about these activities and help civil society organizations learn from each other's experiences.

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