Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marg bar dictatorships

The cries rose up into the political sky spiced with dark clouds and sunshine. The uncertainty was there - would it rain? Would there be freedom? Their slogans were foreign, yet familiar, though they were wracked with anger and there was a chilling wrath to them that was not quite comfortable. Marg bar Khameneyi. Marg bar dictator. Death to Khameneyi. Death to the dictator.

A force was present in the park where Lincoln once took his walks on nights when he was plagued with insomnia. Something was tugging at the soul, something unnamed and fierce. While I wanted to show my solidarity with those seeking justice, I could not share in their thirst for death, for what will another death accomplish except more anger, more resentment, more death? It is not up to human beings to choose a person's death, no matter how repulsive his actions towards others. Why marg bar anyone? There is no justice in killing, there is no truth, no beauty. There is only more evil.

Of course I understand the significance, this Death to phrase, left over from the revolution that put this government system in place. It was "Death to America" that rang out then, a response to the fact that America had once killed democracy and installed a brutal dictator for oil and paranoia about Communism.

I thought it interesting that hippies and CATO folks alike were at the rally. Some people met up at Dupont Circle and walked down to the White House.

There is a real revolutionary feeling here, something I had only imagined before. I can only pray for the people of Iran, that they get their freedom, that they get their justice, that after centuries of being oppressed, they finally get their country back. This is not our fight, America. Let us lend our moral support and give them what they may ask for, but no interference. (I'm looking at you, neocons.) They have been dominated by foreigners for too long. They have discovered their voice now, and they are using it. Don't make it about you.

There are some slogans the whole world can shout together, however. Marg bar oppression. Marg bar injustice. Long live freedom.

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