Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Roundup

Barack Obama gave his highly anticipated speech to the Muslim world yesterday, which was generally met with warm praise. A few reactions:

NOW Lebanon gathered reactions from the street.

Lebanese reactions to President Obama's speech on PRI.

Reaction from Albalad (Arabic).

Obama's new era in international diplomacy - Daily Star editorial.

Comments by Worried Lebanese blog.

Friday SafadiUSA Twitter Roundup:

Safadi USA Executive Director Lara Alameh's article True Sovereignty and Independence for Lebanon in Daily Star.

Lebanon's Elections: Avoiding a New Cycle of Confrontation, Int'l Crisis Group's report.

Volta ao Mundo, a non-profit promotes intercultural dialogue between Lebanon & Brazil, holds launching event.

Climate change may escalate ME conflict: That's why it's important to support #civil society in environmental efforts.

Sharek961 empowers Lebanese citizens to promote transparency by sending eyewitness reports on election-related incidents.

After the Parliamentary Elections by Oussama Safa of Lebanese Center for Policy Studies.

The New Lebanon - a Lebanese focused site by World Focus news service.

RT: @yalibnan: Lebanon gets first firefighting helicopter for Forever Green campaign, a cooperative program between government and civil society.

Lebanese CSO Youth for Tolerance creates election-relevant games.

Citizens take action to save green spaces in Beirut. People power!

Child Protection Working Group says children abused during political campaigning

Aspen Institute's "Lebanese Elections in Context."

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