Thursday, April 16, 2015

Barcelona Day 1 Part 2

Just some pics from our first day.

Over a doorway

Over a doorway

Even the underside of the balconies are decorated.

Barcelona street

Decorous house

I liked the cactus.

Love these gargoyles.

Such beautiful architecture

St. George slaying the dragon

More gargoyles

View of the cathedral

Reflection of the cathedral

Cathedral spires

Church bells

Old and new

Picasso drawing

Barcelona Cathedral

Tapas are everywhere!

Our metro stop - such a wonderful system

Independence protest

Gaudi house

Yes, this is where we get the English word "gaudy" from.


Loving the palm trees

Spanish are proud of their explorers

None more so than Christopher Columbus (Colon) - but no mention anywhere of his atrocities

Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the globe

Guy who wiped out the Incas

No arms, no arms

A maritime legacy

Christopher in front of Christopher


Columbus monument base

Columbus monument base


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  2. Thanks for posting pics. Beautiful! Love the Palm trees of course!