Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Barcelona Day 2 Part 3

Chris wanted to tour the Barcelona opera house, which apparently has had two fires, the last being in 1994, so we took a quick 20 minute tour. They're about to start Carmen after finishing Wagner a couple of weeks ago. In fact, two of the people who died in the Germanwings crash were opera singers who'd been in the Wagner production.

Euterp, muse of music

In front of Donezetti
A building near the opera house

After the opera house, we wandered some more and found a street with interesting tiles on many of the buildings. Some of them:

Not all the art on the street was tiled

I can't read Catalan so I don't know what these stories say

An interesting shop window

A famous soprano worked here

Yeah, it's Whitney Houston. I don't know who the guy is.

The same shoe in various colors

The name of the street with the tiles

Plaster camel

Picasso's drawing

Then we wandered to the Four Cats, a cafe made famous by artist clientele like Picasso. We wanted to stop and have a beer but the old guy who waited tables refused to even look at us, let alone serve us. We don't exactly know why, but he was a jerk and we were determined to sit there until we got beers. In the end, the bartender gave us some.

Four Cats building

Here's the asshole with his back turned to us.

The asshole with a focus on yellow

 When we left, we walked. The goal now was to walk to the sea. We saw these things:

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