Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Barcelona - Sagrada Familia, the definition of gaudy Part 2

The rest of the Sagrada Familia pics:

There was a Flemish choir performing while we were there. They were wonderful. However, it was difficult reconciling their holy music with the monstrosity in which we found ourselves.

The choir sung many songs in Flemish. They were wonderful, particularly the bass, who isn't shown here.

There were traditional gothic parts of the church that went with nothing. Very bizarre.

"I hope they don't see up my dress."

The original Gaudi side of the church is not that bad. It's a shame subsequent architects didn't adhere to Gaudi's vision.

Gaudi completed this side in his lifetime. No square people here.

The holy family, or "sagrada familia."

I did like this side of the church. Mary riding a donkey.


The three wise men. I liked this sculpture.

Gothic vs. Dr. Seuss

Got out the long lens for this one...

Church or fruit stand?

It is very big.

And then we wandered...

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