Thursday, April 16, 2015

Barcelona Day 2 Part 1

Chris is locked in our hotel room - literally, and don't ask - so I can proceed with the story about Barcelona on Day 2.

We needed coffee... this is what we saw on our quest...

Then it was this.

Barcelona is every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be, in a slightly different way from “typical Europe.” Don’t ask me to explain that yet – I need to spend more time in the city than we did to figure out what I mean by that. I did love it. Again, it was about the people. I’ve never been to a city whose people are nicer, and I’m not kidding.

On our second day our goal was to walk through the old city and go to the Barcelona Cathedral. It wasn’t very ambitious, but that’s the great thing about cities like Barcelona when you have a few days to see them. You don’t have to bust yourself to get around. We took our time and it was lovely, seriously lovely, like Barcelona slowed down time for us so we could thoroughly enjoy it. The old city was magnificent. Magnificent. We woke up in the late morning and found ourselves a place to have a coffee and to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and it was brilliant. Then we figured out – I figured out – that the Cathedral was not that far from our hotel, not like yesterday when we had walked the length of the marina and then up, a worthy hike. We set out for the cathedral.

On our way there, we passed by another beautiful church – if you like churches, Spain is definitely the place to be – and stopped in. Man, I love Catholicism. Such an appreciation for beauty. Really incredible stuff. And the square outside couldn’t have been more typical European, with its outside tables and its passersby. It was lovely. Chris wanted to wait for the mass and the organ. I told him to wait; there was a church on every block, like Starbucks in the US. We’d find one.

Santa Maria del Mar – Saint Mary of the Sea. What a maritime city, no, country. Of course I was instantly drawn to this Mediterranean city, and everything I saw reinforced the impressions I had of it. I told Chris – this isn’t even one of the major churches of the city. We love churches. We go into every one when we pass them. But this was one that emphasized the city’s historical relationship with the Mediterranean, so I felt something a bit more when we visited. 

Lots of people have no hands here...

There are so many great things you can find just wandering.

The cat ladies

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