Monday, April 20, 2015

Barcelona Day 2 Part 2

We've touched down in DC and I'm sorry I never got much of a chance to post pics while we were there, but we were busy meeting new people. On day two in Barcelona, we spent time in the old city in the morning and were by the sea in the afternoon and evening. After we visited Santa Maria del Mar, we went further into the old city to Placa del Rei and to the cathedral, which was beautiful and where we spent a couple of hours. The following are pics of the area and inside the cathedral.

He made me take the picture, so I'm not sure why he looks pissed.

First time I got to use the long lens

The gargoyles were interesting.

Street puppet show

Temple of Augustus. Less than impressive.

Saint George slaying the dragon

Beautiful architecture everywhere

I have no idea what this moose is but I liked it.

The narrow streets of the old Jewish ghetto

Loved the tiles all over Spain.

I have no idea.

Palm trees everywhere

Cathedral spire

Literally a shithead

We finally go into the cathedral. This is the courtyard. Beautiful.

Chapel candles

Chapel in the courtyard

The choir

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