Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Roundup

Plenty of comments going around the old interwebs today about President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, some of them good, some of them venomous. Obama is not the first person to be awarded the prize for his aspirations, but I dare say he must be the most criticized.

Congratulations, President Obama. Now, onward to peace!

Friday Twitter Roundup:

# RT: @funkyozzi: RT @blogactionday 5094 (&counting) blogs registered to confront climate change on 10/15 for Blog Action Day

# RT: @nmoawad: RT: @marcynewman: Solidarity w/ Al Bared #beirut protest monday oct. 12th @ 11 am

# CEIP: The Arab Charter on Human Rights:

# RT: @NaLoves Are Arab countries doing their part in climate negotiations? #ClimateChange

# RT: @ONECampaign: Access to anti-malarial medication through text messages? “SMS for life” from @RollBackMalaria:

# RT: @shoofs: #IndyACT Screening Age of Stupid - Green Carpet - October 24 @UNESCO palace, Beirut, Lebanonabout

# RT: @Oxfam: Rich countries set to condemn billions to grim future. We need a fair, binding deal in Copenhagen

# Random Lebanese NGO of the day: Amel Association

# Don't miss The Age of Stupid, a film about climate change.

# RT: @CafeThawra: For more info on ending #HIVpositivepeoplestigmaanddiscrimination go to

# RT: @hibz: arabs are more than oil

# Don't be stupid! Join IndyAct for the film about climate change "The Age of Stupid."...

# Don't be stupid!

# RT: @Beirutspring: If it weren't for the Safadi Foundation, Tripoli would be living in a cultural bubble..

# Women's week in Lebanon?

# "Why do we need so many men in politics when they have failed?” - Ziyad Baroud, speaking about the need for more women in politics

# Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue forum urges greater female participation:

# RT: @alexzawya: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle East Site

# Lebanon's brain drain:

# RT: @MXML: The Middle East, Modern Slavery Hub (via @CafeThawra)

# RT: @tomorrowsyouth: "My son taught his siblings how to make homemade flowers." & results of TYO's summer program

# Lebanese Association of Women Researchers and others hold conference on feminism in the Arab world:

# RT: @Plus961: RT @funkyozzi: don't forget to blog about Climate Change /blog action day 15 oct

# SMEX currently making the most of the internet:

# RT: @Helem_Lebanon: #Helem_Lebanon إطلاق كتيّب "احبهم...و لكن"

# Social Care Needs and Service Provisions in Arab States: Bringing Care Work into Focus in Lebanon:

# EU final report on June 7 Leb elections:

# RT: @hibz: Arab Feminism Conf.

# RT: @NISD_Lebanon: garbage from Ras #Beirut dive sites was composed of 50% cans, 45% Plastic bottles & cups and bags and 5% Rubber tires.

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