Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Only you can prevent climate change

Fire is one of the four elements of being, according to ancient classical elemental systems used by the Greeks, Hindis, and Japanese thinkers, among others. You know, they weren't far off, especially when it comes to forest fires.

Forest fires are raging across Lebanon right now as a heat wave inundates the country. The fires have become quite common in a country historically famed for its trees, as Lebanon loses an average of 1,200 hectares of forest land annually to forest fires. Most people these days probably know that there is a connection between the increasing numbers of forest fires across the globe and climate change that affects our planet, but do you know why?

Researchers have determined that increases in the frequency of forest fires are strongly linked to annual spring and summer temperatures and to the timing of spring snowmelt. Less snowmelt means longer, drier summers, creating conditions ripe for wildfires, which are more often than not caused by human carelessness or even deliberate destruction. The fires have no rain water to stop them, only air to spread them and let them breathe, feeding them, fueling them, swallowing whole the famed Cedars of Lebanon and anything else which dares stand in their paths.

The Association for Forests, Development and Conservation is a leading civil society organization in Lebanon on the cause of fighting forest fires and preserving the nation's forests. Please take some time to visit their website and see what you can do to prevent forest fires in Lebanon!

On a directly related note, on Saturday, October 24th, please join 170 countries in what may be the largest issue-oriented gathering the planet has ever seen. People all over the globe will be gathering to take a stand for our future. Visit to find a gathering near you. Or use this handy convenient cool little map they provided!

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