Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Women's Week in Lebanon?

"Why do we need so many men in politics when they have failed?...Women are the first to work toward dialogue...and to build bridges while men build walls.” - Ziyad Baroud

Lots of women's projects going on this week in Lebanon. Yesterday, the Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue sponsored a forum to encourage greater participation of women in political and religious dialogue. Lebanese Minister of Interior Ziyad Baroud was there along with Ursula Plassnik, Austria’s special representative for women’s affairs and former foreign minister.

The forum comes as the Lebanese Association for Women Researchers (Bahithat) and American University Beirut are holding a conference entitled "Arab Feminisms: A Critical Perspective." Dozens of academics are attending the three-day conference to discuss contemporary schools of feminism in the region.

One perspective on the conference.

The Sanayeh Lebanese Women’s Council also met this week to discuss greater participation by women in government decision-making.

So many great civil society organizations in Lebanon doing great work on women's issues. Don't forget to support their work!

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