Monday, October 26, 2009

Leb links

Sometimes it feels like I've opened the Daily Star archives when I go to the site. The headlines have been the same for months now (no fault of Daily Star's!) Cabinet formation awaits further Hariri-Aoun talks. What's the over-under on DS using that exact headline a month or two ago? Deja vu! Or what about Cabinet formation remains in deadlock following fruitless negotiations? Been there, done that.

The opposition is restless in Beirut
? Just the opposition?

Snorkels are our future. No, not these Snorkels.

Oktoberfest in Zouk with no German beer. Lebanese really should fight to overturn the beer monopoly Heineken has in the country. Almaza's ok but where's the choice? Where's the stout? The porter? The weissbier? The ale? The giant liter of Hoffbrau for Oktoberfest?

Famed Belgian comic speaks in Beirut.

A rare victory for Lebanon's Palestinians
. Interesting read from the Director of the Sabra Shatila Foundation.

The world's first live YouTube concert - and it was my favorite band ever.

New post by Cafe Thawra.

Archewallogoy. Very cool.

H20, Lebanese style? " awesome would it be to have luxury ski slopes made from frozen Bling water - and we could call it H2Cold™. I can't possibly ski on regular rain water, my Gucci skis are not fit for that."

Beirut 39 final selection. With weird photo grid of all the authors.

More links.

Hezbollah promoting Western values? Perhaps that's why they have that capitalist souvenir stand at the entrance to the Baalbek ruins?

The motorcycle ban is a bloody crime. Don't get me wrong - I'm a fan of like twenty Ziad Baroud Facebook pages. But...

"Freeze! I will shoot you!" Awesome photo.

I ask why? Because Lebanon has solved all of its problems? Oh, I get it - it's a peacebuilding/unity exercise, right? Right? Oh, wait, no - it's one-up manship on the Israelis. OMGLOL. Well, hey, it's better than bombs.

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  1. On that Oktoberfest question:

    The retail location closed, but they're still distributing and you can get the beer in many places in Lebanon and (I think) the Gulf.