Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hmm...maybe the Mayan thing IS right...

THE HEADLINE: Folsom Walmart to start reusable bag trial.

I can imagine the outrage of the - how should I put it - average Walmart shopper in Iowa or somewhere with only pickup trucks in the parking lot. I mean, this Sacramento woman is upset because now she'll have to *gasp* BUY trash bags for her bins. Can you imagine what Billy Joe from Kansas is going to do when he finds out he has to PAY to get a bag for his gun ammo? I'm sure the librul hippies will be to blame and the wingnuts will have another sign that this country is turnin' Commnist.

It's not hard to bring your own bags, ESPECIALLY when you have to drive to the store. Just keep some in your car.

Kudos to Walmart for doing something right. For once.

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