Monday, October 26, 2009

Liberal linkies

A live YouTube concert. 96,000 people attended. Another 2.5 million watched online. I did. I can't wait to get my tix for the Philly and NYC shows next year. I already ordered a ticket for one of the Paris shows (and hope to see another one there if I can find a ticket.)

More evidence that capitalism and fascism go hand in hand.

I'm gonna go with a wild conspiracy theory based on zero evidence that this crime was committed by a fringe lunatic group that calls itself "Christian." Because, you know, science is the devil's work.

Girls accept rape to get into gangs. I don't know if this is sad or just plain stupid. Gangs are stupid. And is it rape if it is willful? I repeat: gangs are stupid. If you think you need to be a part of a gang, you are showing your insecurity and your total lack of individuality. Oh, and that you're a scumbag.

Insurers poised to reap benefits from healthcare overhaul. These criminals can rot in Hell, and so can the Congressmen who wrote the bill.

Jane Hall quits Faux News because of slanted coverage. You know what? You CAN blame the entire network, because as long as it tolerates Beck and Hannity, as long as those shows are on the air, the entire network is poisonous.

Speaking of Faux News - the guy in the middle is a total douche. And no, I don't often use that word, but it just fits here.

DIPLOMACY WORKS, YOU NEO-CONSERVATIVE TWITS. If people would stop listening to Faux News - and really any American news outlet - and started learning about Iran and thinking about it for themselves, they would come to understand that it is not run by some maniacal spawn of satan intent on destroying the world but is very interested in NOT committing suicide by bombing something. Because if it bombed Israel, it knows it would be erased from the map. Ever heard of something called Mutual Assured Destruction? Guess you wouldn't think it applied to Iran since W. lumped all Muslims into one group and called them "terrorists."

Father of the year kills son over a video game. And people think Iran is the dangerous one?

Speaking of Shia extremists (or not), because Lebanon has solved all its problems, it's now making giant food.

Really cool clouds over Australia. Seriously worth taking a look.

Today's Out of Control Copyrights: Warner Brothers tells non-profit it can't have a Harry Potter themed dinner.

They SHOULD have been fired! Kudos to the library for standing up for free speech and not sheltering children from reality!

British pilot dies saving nine passengers. Sad how the plane was overweight because of corruption in luggage weighing. Hopefully the pilot's death will change things.

A chat with FCC Chief Genachowski
. NET NEUTRALITY NOW! And while you're at it, can you do something about these stupid blackout rules sports have for watching games online? I mean, we have this amazing, amazing technology, and corporations do all they can to hinder it and block it and it just drives me CRAZY.

I am so happy to see that the threat climate change poses to international security has finally become mainstream. (It might be too late.) Archbishop Tutu writes about it here.

Why do people still consider Communism as a viable form of government? Do we NEVER learn?

Religion can be SOOO stupid.

What kind of freaks like to throw dead rabbits around?

Oh, and the Bankee$ still suck.

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