Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some things to read

The world's stupidest inventions, including this cigarette holder. It holds a whole pack!

Excellent article on the enviro reporter Limbarf told to kill himself.

I can imagine many of Palin's followers - who are not quite bright - will mistakenly purchase the parody.

Shocking photos of the plastic found in dead albatrosses.

Very interesting article on Chernobyl.

Not news.

More evidence that people are stupid.

Alan Grayson is my favorite Congressman.


Wait, chickens have heads? OMG!!!!!!!!11!!11!! Seriously, people are so far removed from the process that goes into the food they eat that they find the head on an animal "disgusting?" How is it more disgusting than eating the rest of the bird? And why on earth did the store cater to the woman's disconnect? It's not like she couldn't eat the bird or it was rotten or something.

Lou Dobbs makes a mountain out of flat earth.

Americans who are doing something about torture. CLOSE GITMO ON TIME. The Navy can do it in ten days. Congress sux.


I really wanted to go to Game 3.

OMG, Friedman writes a decent column?

Turn off Fox!

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