Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Police state authorized by DOD

Miltary Expands Homeland Efforts
from today's Wapo.
The document acknowledges... plans to team military intelligence analysts with civilian law enforcement to identify and track suspected terrorists. It also recognizes an expanded role for the National Guard in preparing to deal with the aftermath of terrorist attacks. And it asserts the president's authority to deploy ground combat forces on U.S. territory "to intercept and defeat threats."
This is what police states like Egypt look like on the streets:

Problem is, these are our forces.

CATO will be up in arms:
"The move toward a domestic intelligence capability by the military is troubling," said Gene Healy, a senior editor at the Cato Institute, a nonprofit libertarian policy research group in Washington.
Good to have some righties on the side of civil liberties.

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