Friday, July 1, 2005

The Irrational Right Strikes Again

Lincoln Memorial Video May Be Revised
"The video gave the impression that Lincoln would have supported abortion and homosexuality," said the Web site of Rev. Louis Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition. It cited footage showing rallies at the memorial by abortion and gay rights supporters and war opponents but no similar footage from Christian and conservative interests.
There are two things that struck me as odd about this quote. The first being the illogic of it, and the second being that evidence points to Lincoln having had a male lover.
"Absent from the video were any Promise Keepers marches or Marches for Jesus rallies at the capital. The video was totally skewed to present only a leftist viewpoint," the Web site said. Andrea Lafferty, executive director of Sheldon's group, said Thursday, "The department knows there's a problem and we don't know why they haven't dealt with it in a timely manner."
I haven't seen a million Jesus people on the mall. I have seen a million people rallying for women's rights. It is an awesome sight to see that many people standing up for freedom and liberty.
Gregg Behr, who as a student in Pittsburgh's suburbs helped design the exhibit, said the protests shown in the video "should move, provoke or charge us and outrage us. That isn't an endorsement of any view.

"I'm glad Reverend Sheldon is outraged," Behr said. "An exhibit so bland that it offends no one would dishonor all our fellow Americans and friends who came to that space for all sorts of different reasons."

These people will find fault with everything. They are the same people who actually believe that gays are out trying to recruit children.

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