Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another repercussion of Bush's idiocy

Iran President-Elect Vows to Pursue Nukes

Rafsanjani is certainly no angel, but at least he was willing to engage in the international community. He was all but assured of a victory in Iranian presidential elections because many Iranians were going to boycott this farce of an election. Then Bushie had to come in and tell the Iranians how bad their system was, and that pissed them off, so they actually went out to vote. Those jaded by Rafsanjani's first presidency voted for other candidates, which gave Rafsanjani a narrow majority and forced a runoff vote. He lost to the hardliner Ahmadinejad, who vows to continue Iran's scary nuclear program.

Of course, Bush is not entirely to blame. They also had militant thugs out and about making sure that people voted for the right candidate, they meaning Ahmadinejad's posse. However, he should have just kept his inarticulate mouth shut. We'll see what Ahmadinejad's Iran holds for the world.

Question: If I compared the Iranian regime to the Nazis, would I be criticized for "desensitizing" the term?

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